How Television Evolved

By the passing of time, people began to increase wisdom and knowledge. The Beginning of the invention of the television began in the 19th century when people wondered how they can program a show like theatre that is very common in those days.

Mechanical Television. The first television is called the mechanical television, invented by John Logie Baird a wave that can project visual representations aside from radio. Due to the invention of Cathode Ray tube in 1897, the hope for this technology was awakened and it was also the beginning to work for camera plus electrons. IN order to flash an image in a tv screen, they have to invent a disk and this was fulfilled by Nipkow, the first man to invent a mechanical disk. They started to work on how a flat disk could transmit the images into the fluorescent screen.

However, image quality is too low because the picture appears as black and white at the same time blurry. This is why there was a modification of technology even after it was first launched in 1927.

Electronic Television. Inventors worked for the improvement of the firs television so the electronic television started t be invented in 1927, just a new reformation of the former using CRT. However, although this is electronic television, it still appears projects black and white but a little clearer than that of the mechanical television.

Color Television. After many years of thought, a colored television was revealed to be made, this color vision was also authored by Baird which was decided to be done in the early 1950’s. It was successful enough because the electrons and cathode rays can read colors from the original color of the camera.