Television and children: The impact of TV on children and what doctors say

In everything, there are the good things and the bad things that one incident or invention can bring. In today’s article, we will see the effect that television brought into the world. It is not a full course study but we will just see a glimpse of it on its effect on the children who love to watch movies on television. ┬áIf you will read the introduction of that is written in the infographic below then you will understand our topic in this article.

The infographic provides an insight about the children who watch the television. Their habits and how many times they spend watching television in the range of their age. It is surprising that even if there is already a recommendation of doctors about the limit on the exposure of children to the television but many cannot be able to attain and follow it. Because of circumstances and in this time the behavior of children, many parents just let their child watch television or other forms of entertainment.

Because of the busy life that many parents have so it is not easy to take care of children and provide the 100% attention to them. That is why they just need the help of the media to give entertainment to their children. One of the most wanted entertainment sources is the television. As many gadgets can also be used today so it is the one that is used by many parents also to be able to let their child watch.