TV and social media: An interesting look into a viewers actions and behavior

Even if there was a decrease in the number of the TV viewers when internet ruled the whole world, it is still one of the things that you can find in one household. There are still viewers but it is interesting to see information regarding watching TV in these days. Even if the TV is open but the person has a gadget with him and is browsing the social media. He simultaneously uses his gadget and watches also the screen. Let us see the infographic.


You can see in the infographic about the behavior of the viewers of television. Because there are shows that could not be accessed online and at the real time so the need for television is still there. Not many people can have the chance to attend the events live in the areas especially if they come from other countries. That is why what they can do is to watch it on the television. But there are changes in behavior. Before when you watch, you are contented to just cheer and give applause.

In the trend today you will share it on social media and can interact with others and make comments online while watching the event unfold. You can even record them and then message them to someone who cannot view it at the present time. Or you can record so that you can have your own file and then access or view it again later. You can even do shopping while watching the television.