The interesting comparison of TV before and in the present time

Going back to the past ages is very interesting because you can see many things that are different. Surely the present time is better but there are also inventions of the past ages that are very advanced but was tainted by many things and it did not advanced and now is the time that you can see their development. It is like there is a boom of an invention that happened. Among the invention, let’s see about television that is well known in every household around the world.

You can see the infographic differences from when the television is used in the past ages. Now there are many changes and more choices than before. Even if there are many differences and we can say that today is better than yesterday but you can also listen to the many interesting and joyful stories of people who have lived during those times. They have much laughter and sense of togetherness as they come to share what they have and watch movies together.

One house with a television can accommodate even up to three families to watch something together. Because of that, they feel closer and also they can all enjoy. They can share together one story and can cheer together and also feel sad or disappointed about something. You can listen also stories on what did they do so they can leave home at night and go to the neighbor who has television to watch. You try to find someone and get their story.