How TV Changes Life

Just as computer changed our life, the television too has changed our life. People has changed their lifestyle since television is set in the house. People did not use television in the past so there is no global awareness and there is no social awareness too.

However, people can now be updated to what is happening in the world or in their environment which makes good for all people who are now wondering in this age. There are very few people who do not know care of what is happening around even though there is in the news. However, there is another thing to make sure when watching television. Idleness can come to us.

Some people who are addicted to watching television are so idle and do not do their responsibility. However, people are always watching the news but are not  afraid of the the what is happening around. There is another thing to watch in TV which is so bad as it influences the minds of the people and sometimes this causes crimes in the society. People also need to control themselves in such situation because there are so many things to talk about.

Good lifestyle in the past was changed to positive and negative way depending on one person. The youths spend their time in watching TV and the adults use TV to be updated from the the news outside their house. There is now what we call communication between and among people to lead understanding and empathy. People has also the right to be informed.