The Last Age’s Television

After the development of the earliest television, there were so many attempts to make the television so advanced and it was just fulfilled in the beginning of the 21st century. After the modernization of television from black and white to colored ones, using disk, it was upgraded to using cable or antenna in order to catch signals  form different networks working on media and video presentations. People could actually watch from the TV screen even without disk or compact disk since it uses antenna and catch signal through the electric waves in the air.

The digital television is another issue that is more advanced since it uses satellite for transmitting signals and cable networks in order for a cable television to function. Actually, there are so many improvements of television in the digital age.Like this, many people uses perfect television. It can even disks so that disks and cables could be used at the same time.

The Most advanced or the latest version of television is the High- definition Television because it can read  thousands of colors, not that kind of computer like,  to display a a good quality of graphical contents. Since there are so many things to make, people still long.

Television is not like the computer that can perform amazing tasks. Nevertheless, it is very sure it has been  a helpful for all individual that can not reach the internet. In many cases, people use television for entertainment purposes especially that telenovela are very famous in this age.